Studs & Link Sets

Buying the tuxedo is the first step in building your formal wardrobe, but the accessories, like studs & link sets, are what complete the look. Tuxedo studs and tuxedo links can seem daunting; but we assure you they are not.

Tuxedo studs are attached through the holes near each button; the button will not be used when wearing tuxedo studs. Feed the decorative face of the tuxedo studs through the hole near the button, then through the front hole; it should be the only part visible from the front of the shirt.

To attach tuxedo links, simply hold your cuffs together so the holes align. The colored part of the tuxedo links should face out when your arm is at your side. Once you’ve slid the tuxedo links through both holes, flip the bar on the back of the cuff over to hold it in place.

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