Tuxedo Jackets

Dressing in a tuxedo exudes elegance and class; tuxedo jackets are where the elevated look begins. The top layer of the tuxedo is the first thing others will see, which is why it’s important to choose tuxedo jackets based on your personal style.

Buying a tuxedo in the form of separates, as we have listed on our site, allows you to customize your formal attire to fit your overall lifestyle. Men’s tuxedo jackets have become a staple in the modern man’s formal and casual wardrobe, making tuxedo jackets an investment piece you won’t soon regret.

To wear your men’s dinner tuxedo jacket beyond your formal event, consider it an alternative to the traditional blazer. Men’s tuxedo jackets are easily paired with jeans for semi-formal events such as New Year’s Eve, special dinners and holiday parties. Stop renting tuxedo jackets – add this piece to your closet today!

  • Men's Ivory Shawl Dinner Jacket

    $193.00 $136.95
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  • Men's White Shawl Dinner Jacket

    $169.00 $112.95
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  • Men's One Button Tuxedo Jacket

    $220.00 $149.95
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  • Men's Peak Lapel Stroller Coat

    $266.00 $177.98
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  • Men's Two Button Tuxedo

    $220.00 $149.95
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  • Men's Peak Lapel Cutaway Coat

    $330.00 $219.95
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  • Men's Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket

    $220.00 $149.95
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  • Men's Double Breasted Peak Tuxedo Jacket

    $250.00 $165.95
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  • Men's Satin Shawl Tuxedo Jacket

    $225.95 $149.95
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